Welcome To The Golden Wave Project

So, you’re probably wondering… what is The Golden Wave? What does that mean?

My inspiration:

One of my best friends, Derek Winn Russell (DWR for short) climbed Mt. Barometer in Alaska right before Christmas just a few years ago.  Derek was like my big brother.  He was an old soul who loved writing poetry and doodling, and was the kindest person with the biggest heart and the most adventurous spirit.  Every day was an adventure, he loved the shi* out of life. He loved to hike and set off on his own that day in the middle of winter.  Reaching the summit wasn’t enough, no no, he had to climb all the way up heaven’s staircase.

Derek loved the ocean.  His ashes were spread in the sea so that whenever we all stand by the ocean, we are with him.

A wave overcomes everything in its path.  No matter what.  I have to believe that Derek’s soul is in every wave I see, reminding me to push forward.

He always believed in dreamers and my dream of writing.  “Stay Golden” is a concept that came from his heart of gold.  Every wave is a piece of that soul moving forward, a guide for dreamers everywhere.

The Golden Wave is something I came up with to embody all of that meaning.  It is everything I want to be, it is everything I want my writing to strive for and inspire in you guys. Welcome to my blog, here is my view of the world!

Stay golden.



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