Summer Is For Dry Shampoo

I know it sounds so crazy not to wash your hair every day, but trust me, if you want healthy hair, you can’t. It’s especially hard in the summer, because it’s so freakin’ hot and your hair feels so gross all the time. 

Having the right shampoo is a LIFESAVER! agrees with me on that one, so they made a list of the best dry shampoos to help a sister out. 

​​​​ you are the real MVP! 

Batiste is my all time favorite! It’s a drugstore dry shampoo but it works better than any salon one I’ve tried. It earned a spot on’s list 🏅and I can see why. I’m so obsessed. Do yourself a huge favor and click the link to see the other amazing dry shampoos on their must-have list, they killed it. 

If you missed it before, check out my go to dry shampoo post 

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