My Outside Workout

Who wants to be stuck inside at the gym on a beautiful day?! Get your workout in outside!!

Full body track workout, no equipment needed!

(If you don’t stretch, you’re a lame)


  • Walk 3 laps around the track
  • STRETCH now that your muscles have warmed up.
  • Jog 3 laps
  • 1 min. of bleacher sprints


  • 3.5 miles (4x around the track is 1 mile, so I run around the track 14 times)
  • Bleacher sprints (3 minutes)
  • Switch jumps X 25 (touch each foot to the top of each step when you jump and switch legs.

Water, stretching, and your favorite songs: 2 minutes

Upper Body:  5 sets of each

  • Pushup and kickback (10 reps and alternate legs)
  • Elevated pushups ( 15 reps both feet on seat of bleacher, hands on floor.)
  • Tricep dips (10 reps)Image credit


Water and rest: 1 minute

Legs: 4 sets of each

  • Raised side squat (25 reps)
  • Bleacher sprints (15 reps up and down=1)
  • Lunge with leg lift (25 reps alternating legs)
  • Bleacher jumps (20 reps)
  • Lunge with butt kicks (25 reps alternating)
  • Jumping squats (25 reps)
  • Switch jumps (30 reps touch each foot to the top of step alternating legs)
  • Split squat lunges (10x each leg) here’s an example of what the hell that even looks like from “I’d rather be eating”
  • Bleacher sprints (15x up and down = 1 rep. ) Your legs will be jello, push through!!)


ABS: 5 sets of each

  • Leg lifts (20 reps)
  • Russian twists (30 reps)
  • Alternate heel touchers (30 reps)
  • Bicycles/Elbow to knee crunches (30 reps)
  • Alternating reach and kick backs (25 reps)
  • Cross body mountain climbers (30 reps)
  • Straight leg raise (1 min)
  • Mountain climbers (1 min)
  • V Crunch (25 reps)
  • Plank (30 secs)


  • Walk 1 lap around track
  • Stretch and listen to music

Remember: only weenies don’t stretch. Don’t get hurt! Take the time. 

Stay golden 💛🌞🌊 






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Just a 23 year old college graduate. Happiest by the ocean. Lover of all things rap. In Carrie Bradshaw and Ted Mosby we trust.

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