Tuesday Ten: The Sunshine Blogger Award Challenge

Thank you to Jess from Daring To Jess for nominating me for this challenge.  What better day to take on this challenge than the Tuesday Ten?

Jess’s Questions to Me:

  1. What is the number one thing on your bucket list?  To become a NY Times Bestseller.
  2. How do you relax? I relax by workout out, reading, writing, coloring, going for walks, going on long drives, and going to the beach.
  3. What is bringing you the most stress right now? The post grad life transition, I would have to say.  But it’s all good.  I’m doing the things that are in my control and I know that I’ll end up exactly where I’m supposed to be.  It’s kind of exciting, you know? The unknown… 🙂
  4. Would you rather be the best of the worst or the worst of the best? Oh jeez haha I don’t think my pride can take being the worst at something… I’m super competitive haha but seriously I would rather be the worst of the best because being the best of the worst doesn’t mean as much. There’s no room for growth, so where’s the fun in that?
  5. How would you want to change the world? I want my writing to change the world.  I want my words to change someone’s life and help as many people as I can.
  6. What would you do if you couldn’t fail? I would quit my job and travel the world to inspire my book.
  7. Do you fear judgment?  Oh God, yeah.  Everyone does in their own ways.  I think that I have definitely gotten better at it with my blog, but there are times that I definitely wonder what certain people think of me.
  8. How do you deal with judgment?  I separate myself from it. I do my best to block it out and to put my goals ahead of my fear of judgment.  The people who seek to tear you down have absolutely no relevance or baring on you as a person.  Realizing that is so freeing and has changed my life and the way I deal with judgment in such a big way.
  9. What moment would you be happy reliving forever? Any moment spent with my grandparents, or the moment I graduated college after all I have been through to get that freakin’ degree.
  10. Name 5 of your strengths that you’re proud of: 1.  My cleverness. 2. My compassion for others. 3. My rapping abilities (give me an A$AP Ferg song, I’ll show ‘ya).  4.  I’m a kickass friend.  5. I’m grateful for my athletic abilities, I would probably go crazy without being able to workout and play sports. Can we replace proud with grateful though?
  11. (Bonus question haha) What’s your favorite song from your favorite band? Right Now? Probably Signs by Drake, but I’ll forever be obsessed with From Time from his Nothing Was The Same album or anything Bryson Tiller (his new album is fire).

Thanks girl!  Everyone go follow her blog!https://daringtojess.wordpress.com/


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Just a 23 year old college graduate. Happiest by the ocean. Lover of all things rap. In Carrie Bradshaw and Ted Mosby we trust.

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