Jennie’s Story: Break The Stereotypes 

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Hear her story.

An Open Letter From Jennie:

My fitness journey began at a very young age. Being 21 and skinny, I really had no cares in the world. Life was great and my weight was really never an issue. One day, my friend Anthony introduced me to a Gold’s Gym that was near my house. He thought it was a good idea for me to learn about fitness and lifting weights to tone my skinny physique. I was so hesitant to train with heavy weights, I actually said to him, NO WAY I don’t want to look like a dude, all jacked! 

Boy, was I so wrong about that stereo type.
It was the complete opposite for me. After only 1 month of working out with him, I began to feel and look a lot more toned energetic. The gym was my sanctuary and outlet to clear my mind and work on myself. You can say I was hooked from that point forward. 
It wasn’t until January 2016, where I lost my job and decided to do a summer bikini competition. I knew in my heart it was something I’ve always wanted to do since the age of 21, but didn’t have the guts to do one because I was scared. 
 After signing up for my first competition EVER….

My dream was slowing turning into a reality as the journey of prepping and posing were taking full effect.

After winning my WNBF Pro Card at my very first show on 6/25/16, I knew my dream finally came true. My passion for the fitness industry and the sport of competing were opening so many doors for me as an athlete and trainer. 
I am so grateful and humble for all of the amazing new friends that I have met who all share the same interests and lifestyle that I do.
One of my daily habits that is an inspirational mantra for me is to help and meet as many new people that have a goal, wish or dream. My purpose here is to give back and help others like so many have done for me.
To give is to grow, to grow is to learn, and to learn to is love all things with purpose and success 🏆



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Just a 23 year old college graduate. Happiest by the ocean. Lover of all things rap. In Carrie Bradshaw and Ted Mosby we trust.

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