My Go-To Dry Shampoo

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m OBSESSED with dry shampoo.  Seriously, if I could dedicate a song to dry shampoo and serenade the absolute hell out of it, I would have to sing, “you my right hand, you my go to.”🎶🎶🎶🎶

The struggle is SO REAL while trying to find the right dry shampoo.  Some of them leave your hair a gray-ish color, others leave it greasy, and the rest leave your hair feeling like straw. Who wants that? If you’re settling for one of those mediocre dry shampoos (to keep up with the subtle drake quotes) 


You need Batiste in your life. 

Look at all of the different scents, you literally can’t go wrong.

Let me tell you, I have tried a lot of different products, and I have to say, this is by far the best! It smells really good, they have tons of different choices, and it works WONDERS. I could go 5 days without washing my hair  if I wanted to (but I’m lame and will only go like 3 max.) and you would never know it.  I’m on day 3 right now, and you can’t even tell! I swear by it.

You can get it pretty much anywhere! Walmart, Ulta, Target, Rite Aid, etc. It’s only $4! I’m seriously in love. It’s a must whether you’re busy, on the go, workout a lot, traveling, or just plain human.  Do your self a favor, guys.

Stay Golden



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