To Bud Or To Blossom

“And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” – Anais Nin

I think that there’s a reason I crave adventure. There is a reason I feel most at peace by the ocean. There is also a reason as to why the thought of a conventional 9-5 work week, stuck in an office, predictable and “normal” life makes me cringe and yawn at the same time. 

Am I the only one who isn’t inspired by society’s definition of success?

After graduating college, the most popular question you’ll be asked is, “Oh and what are you doing with that degree?” Or the subtle, “…and what will you do now?” 

When people ask you that, they want to hear, “I’m working at *insert acceptable company name here*” then sprinkle a future business, educational, or investment plan on top for the answer they’ll want to eat right up. 

To me, that’s what you call, “remaining tight in a bud.” There is nothing wrong with this, honestly, go you if you’re out there working that 9-5 killing the office game. It’s not what you do that makes it constricting, it’s how you feel about it. If you feel fulfilled, that’s so great. If you don’t, do you have the courage to change it or are you going to settle for the comfortability?

 I’m firmly against sacrificing what sets your soul on fire for the mere purpose of doing what society considers awesome. 

I’m creative. I’m passionate about getting out there and seeing things, taking it all in, jumping into the ocean waves with my nicest shoes. That’s who I am. I think it would be a tragedy to suppress that drive and passion just to fit the mold of success that everyone feels so pressured to fit into. 

“Remaining tight in a bud” is painful to someone who just wants to get out there and live creatively. Why not pave your own way? Why are we so scared to go after what we want? I really think it’s because we fear the unknown. We like the safety net of knowing that millions have lived the standard, conventional, 9-5 life and haven’t failed, so it must be good. We’re scared to fail, we’re scared to move without knowing what will come of each movement. 

There are two types of people, those who can conform, and those who find it painful. There is a risk to blossom. You will fail, you won’t know what’s going on, and you’ll feel a little lonely because people won’t necessarily be cheering you on. For those who feel the fear and push forward towards the whole incredible idea of blossoming, you bring so much beauty to the world. You bring the creativity, the music, the vibrance, and the adventure. Everyone has their thing, and you have to believe that is yours. You have to define it on your own terms and know that you bring so many wonderful things to the table, you badass, you. 

Everyone has their purpose, everyone has their niche and their passion. Will you remain in your comfort zone, tight in a bud, or will you let yourself jump into the deep end that is the unknown, the beginning of the adventure that is your own life path. 

Are you the bud or the blossom? You get to choose. 

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Just a 23 year old college graduate. Happiest by the ocean. Lover of all things rap. In Carrie Bradshaw and Ted Mosby we trust.

4 thoughts on “To Bud Or To Blossom

  1. Count me with you who isn’t inspired by society’s definition of success… Enjoyed reading your post. We have so many similarities in the way we think about life and success. Glad to be connected with you. Reblogging your post. 🙂


  2. Well said! I completelysubscribe to this way of thinking in art and in my life in general. When I dont, its not natural, but force and I feel it. My art or whatever I create suffers from it because it is not genuine and less than it could have been. Lovely.

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