Make Time To Run Your Day

Have I mentioned it has been absolutely beautiful in Maine lately? Not to be obnoxious, but I’m definitely taking this as a “golden” opportunity (see what I did there) to brag because let’s be real, I probably won’t get to do that as much as I want.  Humble with a hint of Kanye, guys. Anyway, the beautiful weather has brought me back to one of my favorite places, and I love it. Find your corner of the world and get your mind right.

How do I run my day?

I’ll tell you, mostly to be “punny,” it starts by running. Yeah, I said it. I run my day by first, running away.

For all of my people who hate running, don’t worry, that’s not what this is about. Trust me, I get the whole, “running sucks, I hate it, don’t tell me it’s awesome, you’re full of shit” feeling on the subject, but hear me out.

Me: “I start my day by running away.”

You: ????

What the hell do I mean by that? It’s all about getting yourself in the right mind set for the day.  When you wake up every morning, you have a choice whether you know it or not. You can make your day, or you can let your emotions, anxiety, other people, or uncontrollable situations run you. I have spent far too much time letting my day run me.  So what did I do?

It goes back to about 2 years ago to a time when I  I was so lost. I was truly beside myself, caught in a hazy depression. I started by waking up early every morning  just getting out, getting coffee, reading on the waterfront bench, and walking. I didn’t have the energy to run yet, so I’d walk for as long as I needed to.  I eventually started bringing a journal and a lot of days I wouldn’t even write, I would draw.  I would just doodle, read, and drink my coffee. It became a sanctuary for me.  Someone once told me, “Hayls, you just have to find your sanctuaries every day. Do the little things for yourself that make you happy.”

The waterfront is quiet.  It’s peaceful for me and feels like a break away from my small town.  My thoughts are endless, my dreams seem limitless, and my mind becomes clear.  I was sitting on the bench in this very moment in the picture, when a lady who had been painting walked over and gently got my attention so as not to startle me.

She said, “I see you here reading all the time while I do my paintings.” She looked down at my book and smiled.  “You know, only the most beautiful souls read F. Scott Fitzgerald.”

I had never thought of myself as a beautiful soul, and I think that was my problem. I was just trying to find anything beautiful to change my world, when I realized that maybe it was within me all along.  Finding my sanctuary brought me back to life again, and I think that’s more beautiful than anything.


You find peace when you realize that you have it within yourself to run your thoughts, and to run your day.




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Just a 23 year old college graduate. Happiest by the ocean. Lover of all things rap. In Carrie Bradshaw and Ted Mosby we trust.

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