10 Things Every College Grad Shouldn’t Stress Over

Graduating college is awesome.  It’s your day, it’s your moment.  It’s what you have been waiting for throughout all of the years of studying and ugly crying behind a pile of text books. But then life tries to come at you and steal your thunder. Don’t let it.  You freakin’ made it, kid. This is your time. You’re not a sh** show, you’re fine, everything is fine.

  1. Not knowing what you’re doing with your life.

    You will be bombarded with questions: “What are you doing with your life?” “What are your plans for grad school?” “Where are you going to work?” You might not have all the answers.  You might not have any answers.  That’s okay.  It doesn’t mean you’re a hot mess. It takes time. It really does.  There is beauty in the unknown.

  2. Not landing a kick ass job right out of the gate.

    Weird… you don’t have a 6 figure job with awesome benefits immediately?  What the hell? Don’t sweat it, keep doing your thing and you’ll find what you love.

  3. Not going to grad school right away (or at all).

    So you’re done with school and you have absolutely no desire to spend the money or time on grad school. No worries, you’re not wrong for feeling this way.  There is no manual for this thing called life.  There are no rules, contrary to popular belief. Make your own path, and do it with confidence even if it’s fake. Sometimes you have to fake it ’til you make it.

  4. Binging out on Netflix instead of applying for a hundred jobs.

    You have worked your butt off. It’s the first week out of college, treat yo’ self.

  5. Working your college job through the summer.

    Take the time to research your field, find out what makes you happy.  Don’t rush into a job, really take this time to try and figure yourself out.

  6. Not having a 5, 10, or year plan.

    So, you don’t know where you want to be in five years, or even next year.  Good. You know what that means? You can do whatever you want.  You have the rest of your life to fulfill a plan.  Appreciate this time and do what makes your heart happy.  Adventure, make stories, and have a freakin’ blast with life.

  7. Planning a vacation instead of getting a big kid job.

    Stop pressuring yourself to have it all together and have all the answers right this second.  You don’t have to be established right now.  Do the things you won’t be able to do when you’re older.

  8. Not having a killer internship.

    So your friend has a kick-ass internship in Boston, and another has one in New York, and you’re kickin’ it at home.  You’re fine!  It’s fine! It doesn’t mean you’re stuck, you can have what you want, figure out what they did and guess what? You can do the same thing.  Research, ask around, reach out to people.  If they can do it, you can to.  Work at it.

  9. Living selfishly.

    You are so young.  Be selfish. Take the time to travel, learn, explore yourself and your dreams and see all that you can.  Don’t limit yourself.

  10. Not being engaged/married/pregnant.

    Don’t wish this time away.  You have the rest of your life for this stuff.  If you want all of these things by all means go for it! All I’m saying is that you don’t need to have these things going for you right now to be successful.

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Just a 23 year old college graduate. Happiest by the ocean. Lover of all things rap. In Carrie Bradshaw and Ted Mosby we trust.

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