The Scoop On Halo Top Ice Cream

Okay, so Halo Top ice cream has taken social media by storm.  I mean, low cal ice cream is everyone’s dream, right? Then you have to think, okay, so it’s low fat, low cal icecream, and it’s FULL of protein…what’s the catch?  But everyone’s raving about it, so it must not be awful, right? AH, the struggle. Do we buy it or not?

I tried it out for you guys (not all heroes wear capes) and here’s what I think:

Hype or Hate?

Be hyped!  It’s not just a basic girl snack for a good insta pic, It’s actually the bomb. I tried the peanut butter cup and I LOVED it.  Totally obsessed.  It actually is full of flavor and isn’t horrible for you! Yay! nutr-pbcup@4x[1]

The verdict: Treat yo’ self and don’t feel bad about it!

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Just a 23 year old recent college graduate who is totally okay with not knowing what's next. Adventurer, wanderer, and dreamer but hopefully in the most non cliche way. Happiest by the ocean.

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