The Maine Adventure ft. The Big Red Hat

Part 2 of my weekend adventure(if you missed part 1 check out my last post ft the blue denim dress). It’s Wednesday, guys! Our weekend adventures are almost within reach 😎

I definitely struggle with anxiety. It’s the end of the semester for me so my mind is complete chaos and full of stress. The weird thing is, I have no anxiety and find the most peace in adventuring in unfamiliar places. I hit the coast, and my anxiety slipped away. I felt the sun on my face, the salty sea breeze, and the calmness of boats resting in the harbor, waiting for their next big adventure.

I find peace in being by the ocean. Lucky for me, Maine has plenty of coastal towns to wander around in. I always go to Bar Harbor so I mixed it up!

Where did I go? Camden, ME⛵️

📸 Jay Bishop

The perfect place for wandering around ✨

My outfit:

Click this link to shop my outfit at Old Navy!

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Just a 23 year old recent college graduate who is totally okay with not knowing what's next. Adventurer, wanderer, and dreamer but hopefully in the most non cliche way. Happiest by the ocean.

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