Fit’n this workout in

We are all so insanely busy.  And If you’re not, you’re either on vacation (go you) or you’re not working hard enough.

Getting out of bed to workout is not fun, let’s be real here. Getting up and at it is the hardest part.  You’ll never regret a workout.  After you’re done, you’ll never think to yourself, “Damn, I wish I hadn’t exercised.”  But I can tell you one thing, if you stay in bed and wake up to find that you no longer have time to workout today, you’ll be disappointed in yourself.

If you’re starting, start small.  Here is my beginner’s plan to “fit’n” this workout into your day.

20 minute walk:

Go for a walk.  Put your headphones in and just take some time to get in sync with your body… No pun intended. If it’s outside, challenge yourself with some inclines and different routes, but do what is comfortable for starters.  This part is about getting up, getting moving, and getting some “you” time in.


15 minute at home workout: 

Focus: “Butt and gut”

Warm-up: ( 5 minutes)

1.) 20 Jumping Jacks


2.) 20 seconds high knees


3.  Cross body leg swings (10 reps each leg)

4.  Arm circles (10 seconds forward, 10 seconds backward)


Note: take 30 second beaks between sets, or more if you need to!  Listen to your body.

1.) 15 squats  (Repeat 3 times)

2.) 30 second plank (Each side)

3.) 5 lunges (On each side)

4.) 5 push ups (Repeat five times)

5.) 30 second glute bridges. (3 times)

Don’t forget to fuel your body with a good breakfast, and fuel your mind with a good book!


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Just a 23 year old college graduate. Happiest by the ocean. Lover of all things rap. In Carrie Bradshaw and Ted Mosby we trust.

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