Welcome To The Golden Wave Project

So, you’re probably wondering… what is The Golden Wave? What does that mean?

My inspiration:

One of my best friends, Derek Winn Russell (DWR for short) climbed Mt. Barometer in Alaska right before Christmas just a few years ago.  Derek was like my big brother.  He was an old soul who loved writing poetry and doodling, and was the kindest person with the biggest heart and the most adventurous spirit.  Every day was an adventure, he loved the shi* out of life. He loved to hike and set off on his own that day in the middle of winter.  Reaching the summit wasn’t enough, no no, he had to climb all the way up heaven’s staircase.

Derek loved the ocean.  His ashes were spread in the sea so that whenever we all stand by the ocean, we are with him.

A wave overcomes everything in its path.  No matter what.  I have to believe that Derek’s soul is in every wave I see, reminding me to push forward.

He always believed in dreamers and my dream of writing.  “Stay Golden” is a concept that came from his heart of gold.  Every wave is a piece of that soul moving forward, a guide for dreamers everywhere.

The Golden Wave is something I came up with to embody all of that meaning.  It is everything I want to be, it is everything I want my writing to strive for and inspire in you guys. Welcome to my blog, here is my view of the world!

Stay golden.





My Most Recent Waves Of Thoughts

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About Me

If you’re going to be on this journey with me, I should probably introduce myself.

So hey, I’m Hayley.

The basics:

I’m all about: the little things in life, big ambitions, rap music but then old school music too, adventure, hard workouts, big burgers, surprising people, hearts of gold, people who don’t give up, people who are out there going after their dreams, wings, avocado, and local brews. I know exactly what I want and I believe my dreams are my reality.

I’m not a fan of: negativity and music involving a banjo.

I have realized that not being the person who wants to locked into a completely structured life isn’t a bad thing.  It doesn’t mean you’re a failure. People being skeptical of your future plans isn’t a reflection on you and your dreams, it’s a reflection on them and their lack thereof.

Being an adventurous soul is a blessing. Even if you think you don’t know what you want to do, you can take comfort in knowing that you have found a passion in exploring.  That’s something.  That’s everything.  Anyone can do what they’re told, but not many have the balls to go out into the unknown go against everything you’re “supposed” to do.  Here, I will write all about how to hold your shit together while going after what you want and not being scared to jump out of your comfort zone.

This is me, taking control of my life and how I want to live it.  I don’t want to settle for a career and life I’m not crazy about.  I know what I want, and I won’t waste a second of my life not going after it. I have a heart of gold with the drive of the waves in the ocean, always overcoming everything in front of it. I’m on the journey to see everything I want to see and write about it all.  All of it.  The good, the bad, the really weird and not so awesome parts to paving your own path.

Cheers to life outside of our comfort zone, guys.  

Contact Me

Okay, so Girl of The Golden Wave sounds super bad-assey and cool… But my real name is Hayley.

Name: Hayley Gulesian

Email: thegoldenwave.blog@gmail.com

Where can you find my articles?  My Odyssey Page